Tips for removal

Step 1:

Choose a good service provider can reduce your property loss or risk, we understand that each family / company must has some very memorable and a very unique item, a treasure your company to the same items a guarantee, there will be no additional expenses and costs. Time to complete work in close, courtesy, team spirit among colleagues to ensure proper delivery of the door is moving for removal of the service, and our colleagues must not be more emphasis on the additional wages to get customers (tip), the integrity of the brand is a conscience The first step, of course, the company selected for removal for you and your family to consider

Step 2:

Plan your time, travel and the need for handling the list. What are some of the items you think would like taken to the new site, which ones need to throw away, which ones can be donated to those in need, a clear list of the column to ensure the correct classification of the luggage box and paste into the sub-location clearly marked, For decoration, consider whether the time immediately, whether storage service should be chosen to calculate cost-effectiveness and before the occupation of the decoration and cleaning standards.

Step 3:

Your problem, you are most concerned about and you need to tell our customer service representative, the eleven tell you the situation, our team will give the program a perfect solution, because we understand that moving houses / office is indeed a moving is not a simple task.

Step 4:

Calculate a price for special you, when we collect all the data, our central computer processes all orders and vehicle, calculate a price for you, a team of high quality transportation services to the price.

We calculate the price of the criteria: the calculation of each main drive time, the need for assembly and disassembly of furniture, on and off the stairs.

Step 5:

Confirmation of your order - When you reach a consensus with the company, we will send by email or fax a "Confirm Order" to you, clearly list the price and what kind of handling is required on the number of flights of stairs and so on. When you receive a moving list, please see if they are correct, because our transportation staff will work under the list in order to avoid disputes. If handling a change in circumstances or any inquiries, please call our customer service hotline, we will have someone for you to follow up.