We Promise:

Prestige Transportation (HK) Company Limited’s team and warehouse staff all wear uniforms, bring their own large-scale storage and easy access when the decoration and furniture storage building settlement, we will send a free onsite quotation for the customer for each relocation cases, in close coordination with the customer through constant communication, consensus building, and then develop an objective and precise demands, providing high level service quality, according to the budget to provide customers with reasonable prices and detailed explanation of handling the details of practical implementation of each step to success satisfaction results. In the process, we often and customers to grow, and become the best business partner to each other is indeed an honor for us. Comprehensive technical services, the company has been mature and can meet various demands of consumers to make different service levels, planning the relocation process, system, disassembly of furniture, antique furniture, valuables handling, etc ... of course, can also be on behalf of the consumer packaged clothing, books, porcelain, dishes such as packing and unpacking handle full-service location, with professional knowledge of computer management and good reputation. Whether you plan to moving houses or offices, Prestige Transportation can provide reliable and efficient transport services.

Our Service:

  • Free onsite quote
  • Packing service
  • strict control of handling procedures
  • Storage service
  • provide special designed cartons

Service Process:

  • Booking service
      1. Customers through online or telephone inquiries, select the required services and optional services to provide the date, time and other details.
      2. Booking service must be at least three working days notice to our company. Saturday bookings must be at least 5 working days notice to us
      3. Confirm information with customer and arrange free onsite quote

  1. Free onsite quote and confirm
      1. Free onsite quotes, handling areas and the number of moving objects or complex procedures, pricing and purchase in advance.
      2. Once the service is confirmed, customers have to pay deposit, deposit service charges of 10%. All services are not refundable.
      3. Staff will immediately send the deposit receipt to customer.
      4. Later, you will receive e-mail or fax the invoice (net of deposit) and service conditions.
      5. Customers must check the invoice and read the service details, any inquiries or questions, please contact us as soon as possible

    • Final confirmation

      1. Confirm the service location, date and time.
      2. We are determined depending on the number of work units.

    • Start service

      1. Before the removal service, customers should make their own counting the number of moving objects, if any questions should be raised immediately.

    • Payment procedures

      1. Once the service is confirmed, customers have to pay 10 % deposit. The remaining costs, the customer must pay the first day of service. All services are not refundable.
      2. Payment
        • Cash
        • Cheuqe
        • Bank in
        • Services will be a receipt by mail, email or fax