Common sense for removal

New house for each family is very important for the happy occasion, for the heavy and trivial, in order not to rush when moving houses, it is best to do some preparatory work in advance.

  1. First of all arranged time. Time for removal usually takes 2 - 4 hours. If the distance, traffic jam, or carrying more items, you might even longer
  2. To make an appointment in advance with the company for removal of vehicles, let it be on time, start on time for removal. If the item more, a car pulled finish, the best reservation multiple vehicles at the same time, once items away, you can save time.
  3. Another encounter rain, the best choice for a canopy car, so the article should be wet. Again to advance to pack a bag. Larger box, cabinet items for removal to prevent workers carry out pre-fixed; shoes and other items the best bits and loaded up with boxes, so as not to lose; cash, jewelry and other valuable small items to carry; tableware tea and other fragile items should be individually wrapped, individually handling, so as not to crumble.
  4. Carrying, pay special attention to whether the items missing in the old house, all items are loaded on the train in particular valuables to be carefully preserved.
  5. The face of hard for removal staff, the owner is best treated with courtesy, not to speak the words of degrading porters, and harmoniously in order to maintain a good working atmosphere.
  6. For the new home of the furnishings, it is best done in advance planning, so that furniture can be instantly moved to new homes in place quickly, less trouble moving at a later date.
  7. Removal process, the home of at least two or more people together. A command of the workers out in the house, another car in the car at attention furniture. Delivery process, someone escort. When the vehicle arrived in the new room, and the same is also the one in the car at the command of discharge, the other furniture in the house down bits command.
  8. Note that to achieve the agreed loading height is the height of cars but also pay attention whether the equipment installed real easy to crush too many items but worth the candle.
  9. To leave the old house should pay attention to coal, water and electricity are turned off.
  10. Unloading of vehicles should be checked whether the post empty.

Frequently Asked Questions::

For removal can be avoided when common sense to understand a number of moving houses for removal when the number of unforeseen circumstances, this way, give yourself time to reduce the trouble in moving houses, but also for removal companies for removal to raise the speed and efficiency. Moved to new homes is a major event in the family, to everyone in the process of running around in circles for removal, for removal of the door to remind you that the best pre-prepared in advance for removal.

How often moving houses need to do?

Some families frequently for removal for some reason. For this family, it is best to avoid buying large pieces of furniture, but make full use of the landlord to provide the equipment. For removal of used cardboard boxes is best not to throw away in order to prepare for the next reuse. Best not to book some long-term services, such as newspaper subscriptions, will be milk and other services to avoid a lot of trouble.

How to save time for removal?

To save time for removal, first of all preparatory work necessary to fully, are collected all the scattered things into a box or packaged parts into a whole. Second, you can ask for removal companies to send more staff and more. Finally, a reasonable time and travel arrangements, missed the rush hours and congested routes.

How the peace of mind for removal?

To avoid a big way for removal of red tape, the best way is to sell all the old furniture and unwanted everyday items, re-repairing a set of furniture in the home. While this approach is somewhat extravagant, but will give you a whole new experience.

How to save for removal costs?

To save for removal costs, we must first choose a regular for removal company, do not find the street the company posted a small ad for removal, to avoid being black. Prior to consulting 2-3, choose a certain reputation or a good reputation for removal companies. Second, we must be prepared to work for their own reasons to avoid the time or money wasted.

How to avoid the collision objects?

Must be accountable to the company's officers for removal or that the box indicating which items are key protection, if possible, add eye-catching logo on the box or prompts language; some fragile items or valuable items had better be moving; personal supervision of a large home moving electrical discharge; some very heavy or bulky furniture (such as cabinets, piano, etc.) should find a few more workers to handle, and someone next to the command; fragile or afraid of the most pressing items should be placed on top, and finally loading , the first discharge; some relatively narrow corridor of old buildings, and often full of debris, be careful not to touch the neighbor's things.

Handling personnel must be given tips (tips, tea money, a reward)?

We have strict codes of employees, employees not to the customer tips, and offenders will be severely punished! All handling staff have a reasonable salary, please rest assured customers!

Whether the half-way fare?

We are operating for many years, won the best customers are word of mouth, blatantly! Guests omission object unless temporary increase moving objects, omitting the stairs, line paths, etc., otherwise, all quotations will be based on a list of charges. Reference customers over the fee schedule in advance!

Whether the furniture removal and reduction in service fees, including Pat?

Pat quotations calculate all the costs of furniture removal and reduction costs, customers can rest assured!

Valuable audio-visual equipment (such as the LCD TV) you will do?

Audio-visual equipment will be expensive over 10 years experience our senior staff be handled with care staff will also be removable and professional associated with the restored objects.

Furniture, appliances, debris if there will be packing?

All furniture, electrical appliances, packaging debris will be protected by professional after the commencement of the transit, customers at ease.