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  1. We will respone customer’s inquiries within 1 working day
  2. Provide a free onsite quote, please call early appointment.
  3. Legal staff: We only employ legal residents of Hong Kong, employees as well as by the labor insurance.
  4. All staff has extensive experience in the use of different materials, meticulous appropriate, for the customer packing furniture and dismantle services to ensure the efficient completion of service.
  5. Service fees include fare (except for parking and tolls).
  6. Personal services: attendant to your home purchase, it will be more understanding of customer needs, and handling for the client to answer questions about procedures and issues.

** To protect the interests of guests and enhance the quality of our services, all of our phone lines are equipped with audio systems; all conversations will be recorded for the record for our company for informational purposes, not leakage. Sorry for any inconvenience cause!**


Our Service Hotline: (852) 2215 3777



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